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Fit-for-purpose vehicles

TransSpec is committed to providing specialised reliable and affordable transportation solutions to meet on-site specifications. This means that our vehicle monitoring is also geared toward saving our clients time and money.

We cater for the Mine and Energy sectors, providing customised solutions for vehicles that are site compliant, to ensure they meet the stringent Health Safety & Environment (HSE) specifications of major projects.

TransSpec has an extensive range of vehicles and options for customising personnel and equipment carriers, specific to the work requirements and the job they need to do.

Our innovative solutions incorporate:

  • tailored vehicle design to your specifications and compliance requirements
  • integration with client management systems and procedures
  • improved preventive maintenance scheduling and fast breakdown response¬†
  • computer-based operator training, monitoring and feedback with accountability for procedural compliance and performance
  • benchmarked fleet and operator performance reporting for improved management accountability, supervision and continuous improvement.

TransSpec vehicles are fit-for-purpose to deliver exactly what you need to acheive on-site and to specification.