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Mine Spec Vehicles

Why Use Us?

TransSpec can offer you a range of customised 4x4 mine spec buses and 4x4 mine spec trucks for purchase or hire. Our mine spec fleet management systems ensure efficiency and best practices standards are met on site.

We know that mining companies excel at extracting coal and minerals from the ground. TransSpec excels at providing complete personnel transport solutions that efficiently and reliably get your personnel to the work face. By doing our job well, we give you more time and save you resource costs.

At TransSpec we listen to what the industry needs. We understand what mining and energy companies expect and so we are focused on delivering:

  • a 'no-worries' total service including tailored transport solutions allowing mine site personnel to focus on mining operations
  • fit-for-purpose vehicles that are safe and comfortable to operate; vehicles that do the job brilliantly and are totally reliable
  • high availability of all vehicles through close monitoring and supported by expert, responsive and affordable maintenance
  • operator training (including regular individual performance feedback) and accreditation in safe and cost-effective vehicle operation
  • management feedback on how vehicles are being used ensuring cost-effective and safe usage.

TransSpec's on-site vehicles are designed to meet the needs and expectations of management. Our vehicles:

  • meet the safety and design standards of the industry
  • have components that can cope with the tough environment they work in
  • have replacements availabile as soon as there is a breakdown
  • are part of a rigorous and ongoing maintenance schedule preventing breakdowns and minimising down-time.

We offer a complete solution. You can trust TransSpec to keep you moving.